Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Trusting my Eye

It seems like I don't have much trouble deciding when something looks good, but when I have a project that isn't quite right I have a hard time actually deciding that I need to change it.  This happened when I was working on my Circle Quilt.  I didn't really like one of the colors I had in it, but was dragging my feet on making a decision to change it out.  I finally put the picture up on Instagram and overwhelmingly got the feedback that, yes, I should change it out!

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I'm not too sure why it's so hard to act on changing something I don't like in a project - maybe it's the whole idea of getting out the seam ripper?

I have been working on a project with some vintage embroidery blocks and found that I did not like the way the bright red strips jumped out.

After thinking about it all weekend, and making  a bunch more blocks, I decided that I needed to change them.  And I am much happier with the way the blocks look now!  Luckily there were only about 7 strips to take out in all.
I really need to be more confident about making changes when I see that something isn't quite right, especially when it's at a stage where it's easy to make the change.  I could have saved myself a little time ripping out this afternoon, but it was totally worth it.

The next step on this project is to applique more heart blocks.  It's coming out really cute and I'm excited to finish the top so I can start quilting it!  I plan on some special quilting on this one, and look forward to spending the weekend working on it.  Hope you are enjoying your week as well!

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