Saturday, December 03, 2016

What the World Would be Like if Yard Work Didn't Exist

Well, in my case, there would be more quilting and Christmas decorating going on!  Maybe even some baking.  But there are outdoor chores and this time of year when the sun shines you have got to get out there and get the jobs done.

I started out with good intentions this morning of cleaning up my sewing room, but didn't get too far before I got distracted by a couple of 1/3 yard pieces of cute children's fabric.  I decided it was perfect for a little boy quilt, so I did some strip sewing and cutting, then realized that I wasn't supposed to be making new projects.  Oops.   I put the start of the new project away and went back to putting things back in their places.  When I got to the gigantic pile of battingscraps I separated out some strips that I could cut up for my flannel rag quilt project.  Then I realized that I can't find my 6 1/2 inch square ruler.  So those are still sittin in a pile for later.  At that point my husband came in and suggested we do the YARD WORK.  Ok.

I let my husband go mow our daughters lawn while I stayed home to do our yard work. That involved a little bit of raking leaves, pruning 9 rose bushes, and raking some moss out of the lawn on the east side of the house.  I worked outside most of the afternoon.   Boy, did that ever make me tired, but the results were worth it!  And the weather was really pleasant to be outside in as well.
The roses look great now, and when it starts raining again I can quilt in peace.  I'm hoping to get my Christmas decorations out tomorrow and hopefully get the inside of the house ready for the festivities ahead.  Should be fun!  Maybe that ruler will show up so I can get that batting taken care of, too.

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Kathy E. said...

Hahah! Your post reminds me of that saying that explains how cleaning up is so hard when you're distracted by all the cool things you find! I know just the feeling! Our yard work fortunately was finished last weekend...good thing, too, because now it's snowing like crazy! Enjoy all of your cool findings!