Sunday, December 04, 2016

Tis' the Season for Giving and Happy Birthday, Catie!

Today is a happy day - a birthday to celebrate!  We got to celebrate the day our Catie girl was born with her.  Can't believe that was such a long time ago - 32 years.  She is definitely a joy in our lives, and we are glad she still likes to spend some time with us on her special day.  After having a fun brunch with her and her boyfriend and his parents we came home to relax for a bit.  I had thought about putting the  Christmas decorations up, but decided to wait until tomorrow.  I made it a tradition while Catie was growing up not to decorate until after her birthday, so I know that tomorrow I will really be ready to get everything dolled up for the holidays!

I was ready to work on the Island Batik Challenge for this month.  Tis the Season for Giving.
Catie actually gave me the idea!  She was telling us about the tree that the Veterinary Clinic she works for was decorating, then gifting to the animal shelter.  They are collecting all sorts of goodies, so I decided to make some cat toys to donate!  I got out my Island Batik Scraps, a baggie of catnip and some fiber fill.

I cut and stuffed and sewed.  I made some long "cigar"s, some small and large kick sticks, some cute little kitty ravioli and a few primitive mice!  I used up all of my catnip and most of my fiberfill.  I still have a lot of scraps left, though!

I decided that Scamper deserved to have some new toys (after all, charity begins at home, right?) and pulled out one of the long orange cigars and mouse for him.

He approves!

I will have to get some more supplies and work on some more of these - they are fun to make and I know the kitties at the shelter will enjoy them!  We are a small town, and our animal shelter gets a lot of its support from the volunteers in our community.  They often are in need of food and other basic supplies for the animals.  Morgan's Veterinary Clinic (where my daughter works) often works with the shelter to provide needed medical care for sick and injured animals there.  If you love animals, you can like their Facebook Page and see what's going on there!  I hope you support your own local shelter when you can, it really makes a difference for the poor animals that end up there.

Make sure you take the time to do some giving this month - it will make you feel good!


Nan Baker said...

These are wonderful. Thank you for helping our furbabies for Christmas. It definitely looks like Scamper gave his paw of approval! What a lovely birthday/Christmas tradition you have with your daughter!

Calicojoan said...

What a great idea. I've always got scraps that could be turned into fun toys!