Thursday, December 29, 2016

How to Entertain Yourself While Sewing

Although I am perfectly capable of sewing by myself with no distractions, I often find it very enjoyable to watch (or listen to, actually) various television shows.  I've been through all the seasons of various television shows, Downton Abbey being one of my favorites.  This week I have tried something different, I started watching Dr Who and am loving it!  Although I often have to stop and backtrack to figure out what's going on - it's a little tricky sometimes in the plot lines.  I don't know how I have waited all this time to start watching!
Here's another block from the Quilter's Recipe Box block of the month!  If you want to join in, just sign up for my Newsletter.  I will be presenting one new block unit a month with a block pattern, plus will show you a new block each week that can be made with the block unit.  So you can make a small quilt (about 45 x 56) with 12 blocks, or make a total of 48 blocks for a quilt that measures about 75 x 99.  The smaller quilt will require 1 yard each of a focus fabric, sashing fabric and background plus a fat quarter of three supporting fabrics.  It's going to be a lot of fun - I'll be sharing lots of tips for sewing the units each month with a strong focus on accuracy!

The quilts I am making for Island Batik are coming along nicely!  I am really excited about them, and hope to finish the quilting tomorrow so I can send them out.  Then I can quilt my sample for the Quilter's Recipe Box and get started on the quilt for the blog hop next week.  Phew.  At least the end is in sight.

I made a great find at the Dollar Tree the other day.  I have a rather thick dining room table and have been on the lookout for clamps to hold my backing down for basting quilts.  I found a set of 7 Jumbo Clothespins that I think are going to be perfect:
Can't lose for just a dollar!  (That's one of the quilts for Island Batik in the background...)

Last, but not least I only need three more sales on Etsy to hit 1500 and I would LOVE to make it before the New Year!  I've created a coupon code for 25% off - and it's good on anything in my shop, even the items that are already marked down (patterns are still 1/2 price...)  I'm planning a gift for the person that buys that lucky item #1500 and will also be having a giveaway this weekend to celebrate, so if you feel so inclined, it would sure make my day!  The embedded facebook post below has all the details for the coupon.  Feel free to share!

Have a wonderful Friday!


TheEclecticAbuela said...

I love Dr. Who--enjoy!

Phantom-Rose said...

Doctor Who is awesome! But yes, it does require more attention than sewing can sometimes allow :).

I strongly recommend audio books too. You can just sit there and listen while you stitch. I actually get more done than when watching TV, as I am not constantly dividing my attention between the two. If you'really a big reader I can'tell rave enough about the usefulness of audio books. It's one of my greatest finds!

Kathy E. said...

Congratulations on making it beyond your goal of 1500 Etsy sales, Pamela! I purchased a few items and one of them was the #1500!!! So excited to use your patterns and be the lucky hit!