Monday, June 27, 2016

Modern Batik Challenge Part Two

I am deep into the quilting on my Island Batik #modernbatikchallenge.  I kind of wish I had gone ahead and added the double batting, but it is way past too late now!  Yesterday I added some matchstick quilting in the center square channels
That fine controlled stitching makes my forearms ache!

After that I decided to do a sunburst as the filler for the center square:
This is a fun design to quilt, though I have a tendency to stitch myself into corners fairly often.  I have a couple spots where I accidentally stitched over the line, so will need to do a little unpicking, but I like how it came out.

Next I added the spiral stitching to the outer triangle channels.

That went really well, then I realized that I meant to add this deign element to the second channel. Oops.  I decided this was a great design opportunity and came up with the idea of adding some diamonds outside the blue diamonds to highlight them a bit more:
I think I will end up adding some filler to the outside ones to make them stand out a bit more.   I also added the facets to the diamond.  One down, three to go!  Next I went on to try out a filler for the outside background triangles.  Spirals and bubbles:
And finished up the day by adding the facets to the four orange butterfly corners:
Now I have lots of filler left to do as well as three blue diamonds.  I laid it over the cutting table and as I was about to leave looked back at it.  Looks pretty good so far, though the picture really doesn't it justice!
I have a big bag of alterations to work on today, but after that I'll get to work on this quilt - hopefully I can make more good progress so I can get this crossed off my list for the week.  I hope you have a productive Monday as well!

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Websterquilt said...

Gorgeous Pamela. It's so fun to see how other people's FMQ process works :)