Tuesday, June 07, 2016

A Happy Monday

Yesterday was a good day!  I got this fun bundle in the mail - my prize for being the social media winner for May by using #eq25 - three layer cakes from Moda!

Those will be lots of fun to play with!

I got to snuggle a 6 week old baby for a bit while his mama tried on her dress for me to alter, that was definitely a sweet spot in my day...haven't had a baby fix for a while.

I did get the top finished for my #ModernBatikChallenge.  I'm deciding how I want to back it, then will get started on the quilting.  The final border is on Allietare now and I prepped the backing for it so I can get it basted.

I had been having second thoughts about that gold stripe, but I really do love it now!  Adds a fun zing to the quilt.  And that backing was a red tag clearance fabric I got for $1.50 a yard years ago - so glad to finally put it to good use!  It will make a super fun backing for this quilt.

I got my fall Nine by Nine quilt basted and started quilting it, so will have something new to add to my Etsy shop soon!  I have so many projects going right now it's a little overwhelming, but I know I'll catch up to the pile someday.  I need to work on the alteration/customer projects today so a trip to JoAnn's for zippers, satin and a few other odds and ends is in the works for me today.

 Never a dull moment, plus I have to get the house ready for the girls this weekend!  I washed my Grand Illusions quilt and it looks wonderful.  We've been using it in it's crisp "new" state.  My husband loves the size of this one, so I'll definitely start making my bed quilts more on the large side.  
 I just love quilts after they are washed and have that lovely crinkle factor!  I should have washed it sooner, but for some reason haven't made the time to do that.   I'll put it away for a couple months, then get it out again for the end of summer.

I'd better get off the computer and get busy with the day's work now.  I hope you find something to make your day a happy one!

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