Friday, April 01, 2016

Hand Quilting Finish

I've been in such a dither getting ready for our trip and trying to finish projects that I totally did not get pictures of the 4 quilts I finished this week!  Silly me.  I will try to do better next time.  I did get a few quick shots of the ocean waves quilt that I have been handquilting this year.  It went home ysterday, and the owner was thrilled with the results.  Makes me happy, I'm always a little nervous about how people will like my quilting.

 This one is pretty densely quilted with a poly batting.  It's lovely how the quilting gives it such dimesion!  Those green squares were tricky because they were a bit on the poofy side.
 The backing is a pretty soft green and peach calico print.  Very nice!
I had probably 100 hours of stitching on this quilt.  Fun until the end when I had to really push to finish by my self imposed deadline!  But I got it done.

I would love to make a quilt in this pattern!  It's really a striking one.  Guess I need to add it to my list!  Do you have a favorite quilt you've always wanted to make?  Or a list, like me?

Hope you have a happy April 1 and don't get fooled by anyone!

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