Thursday, March 31, 2016

Under the Wire - March Mini Madness

I was so excited about the March Challenge for the Island Batik Ambassadors - Mini Madness!  I had such great plans because I love miniature quilts - I have a fabulous collection of magazines and books all about miniature quilts, and I was going to make more than one for sure..I thought.  March ended up being such a crazy month that despite my early start on my project I barely finished it today.  But I am so pleased with it!

This pattern is from Carol Doak's book "Easy Paper Pieced Miniatures"  I acquired this book several years ago because my mom bought a set of the foundation papers for it, and you kind of need the book to use them!  It was a good investment - I've made several of the quilts and they are all so fun!  This one is called Simply Solids and was a perfect choice for the Island Batik fabrics I wanted to use.
The black and the light green came from one of the stash builder rolls I received.  Both blues are from last summers Meadow collection, The orange, pink and peach fabrics are from the lavish collection and the yellow is Caribbean Splash!  I love mixing and matching fabrics from different collections.

I really like it on the diagonal!  Kind of looks like a God's Eye weaving!

One of my favorite things about mini quilts is that though you might spend nearly as much time piecing them as for a larger project, the quilting is fast!  With all these tiny pieces you don't need a lot of quilting, so a bit of stitch in the ditch, and a swirl around the border got this mini done in no time at all!

Island Batik fabrics are fabulous for foundation paper piecing!  Very little fraying and they press so nicely.

Here are the rest of the Island Batik Embassador posts about their minis.  We had a great time creating them.  Stay tuned for our next challenge - April Showers!  I know what I am going to make already, and you are going to love it.

Mini Madness Ambassador Posts

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