Thursday, March 10, 2016

EQ25 - Using EQ7 to print templates for Applique

I guess it's a two post day today, I totally missed that it is the 10th of the month and I intended to share a post on EQ today!  It works out just fine, because I can share how I used EQ7 to print out the templates for this quilt:

When I decided to make the honeybee blocks for this quilt I went straight to EQ7 to print out my templates.  I must say I was sad to find that this is not a block included in the program.  There are a large number of traditional blocks that are included, but I wanted this particular block.  Thankfully, it is super easy to recreate in the program!

Since this block is combined with applique and piecing you want to make sure to design your block in the Easy Draw + Patchdraw mode!  Draw your patchwork grid - I used a 5 x 5 grid.

Next, switch over to applique mode using the tab at the bottom:

Select the teardrop shape using the drawing tool button for ovals.  If you want you can edit the curves a bit, then using the clone tool under the red arrow, make 11 identical copies:

Drag your teardrops to the desired spots and use the flip tools to turn them in the correct orientation.

 If you want to print the templates, go to File, Print, Templates

Once the dialog box comes up make sure that the size of the block is correct.  I have frequently printed the wrong size by mistake!  You can also choose if you want to print a key block, show seam allowance (and choose size of seam allowance) as well as number of copies.

 Once you have the settings correct, choose preview.  Using the delete setting, click and delete the pieces you do not want to include.
 When you are happy with your templates and their placement, you can print the page.  Don't close this tab or you will have to do the deleting over!  You can also move and turn the templates if you like.  These settings are not saved, so if you want to print multiples, make sure you do it now!
Here is the completed quilt on EQ7.  

I was sure glad to be able to print a page of those templates, it sure made it easier to trace them on fusible web so I could add them to the quilt.  If you desired you could even print them directly onto fusible web!  I'm a little scared of running it through my printer so I guess I'll stick with tracing them for now.

As you can see, EQ is useful for a lot of tasks in quilting - I'll be back next month with another project, I'm sure!

Make sure you take a look at Quilt Shop Gal's blog post for today - she features Wendy Sheppard - who has used EQ to design many quilts!  There are even free patterns you can download for some of the quilts.  I'll be joining in next week on a blog hop featuring Wendy's new book.  Make sure you join along, you could win a copy of it, and there will be Island Batik fabric as well!

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