Thursday, February 18, 2016

Stormy Day

Let me tell you, today was a stormy day here on the Oregon Coast!  This was our day for a long walk (over 4 miles) and we got drenched.  My coat must have weighed at least 15 pounds when we got home and the rest of my clothes were soaked through - even my "waterproof" gloves were wet through and through.  I was glad we did it, though, we need the exercise!

Today's Planes, Trains and Automobiles post is by Connie Kresin Campbell of FreeMotion by the River, she used the Crystal Cove Caravan line to make a fun quilt that was perfect for our theme! You can see her post here.  Make sure you leave a comment on her blog, she has a drawing for five 1/4 yard pieces of the line!

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I've been working on some blog maintenance today, so here's hoping I don't break anything!  I really do enjoy the technical stuff, but most of my method is trial and error.  And a little help from google.  I hope to make it a little more organized and streamlined.   I'm working on a very pink quilt for a customer today.  I got the chain blocks done, now just need to decide how I want to do the alternates!  I'll show you that tomorrow.  For now, I am calling it a night!

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