Tuesday, December 29, 2015

How to Surprise a Quilter for Christmas

My husband has pulled off many a surprise over the years we have been together, but this one tops them all!  He conspired with my fellow quilter, Candy to create a fabulous family picture quilt!  For the last couple of weeks he has been shooing me out of his computer room continually because he had it hiding behind the door and was afraid I would see it.  When he brought it down to me during our family gift opening I had tears in my eyes.  It is so beautiful, the pictures he chose for it are awesome and the quilting is so wonderful - it is the absolute perfect gift!

Here is a shot where you can see the beautiful quilting in this:
Candy quilted the phrase "family is forever" in one area:
This picture is from our wedding in 1980!
Another picture of our Christmas at Disneyland in 2000:

 I love the flowers she quilted in the yellow!  So fun!

This is the quilt from the back:

And the label:
Candy did such a beautiful job on the quilt.  She added a hanging sleeve so it was ready to go on my wall when I got it.  It hangs beautifully, so flat and even.  Candy also has an Etsy shop:  CandyKQuilts and she has a sale going right now for  10% off any item over $15. Use code: WINTERWIN good through Jan. 3rd in her shop!  I can totally vouch for the quality of her work, totally outstanding!

Thanks so much for the beautiful quilt, Candy, I will treasure it always!

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