Thursday, April 30, 2015

Not much news...

The fabric arrived so I could get back to the curtain project that got shelved.  I'm going to spare you the picture of a lot of plain blue fabric sewn to white fabric with embroidery on it which is all sewn to plain blackout lining.  Not very exciting!

I also worked on my Blue and White quilt, but that picture would look an aweful lot like the one I took yesterday!  The good news is that I am now halfway around the white border.  I really feel like I am getting the hang of the swirl and hook now!  Still contemplating what I will do in the last border.  There is a bit of a print on it that I am thinking I may be able to use as a guideline for quilting.  I'm still not sure, but I have at least a couple more days to decide.

How about a cat picture?  I took a couple good ones of our Scamper last week:
As you can see, he has claimed my lap quilt as his own.  Luckily, he is fickle and when he is tired of using it I will switch it out for another one.  It's not like we don't have plenty of quilts around this place!  The quilt on the back of the cushion is a flannel rag quilt I made.  It usually sits on top of the back of the loveseat, but he likes to knock it off when he runs around the room.  You can also see the two pillows and fleece blanket on the seat of the chair on the right.  This was his preferred spot for a while, but now he shuns it.  Cats.  Who knows why, but he will not even look at that chair - at least not the seat.  He will stretch out on top of the back of it on a rainy afternoon!

Here is a nice closeup of the handsome boy:
It's hard to get a picture of him because he is generally a feisty kind of a cat!  He is very entertaining, but not a lovey kind of kitty.  He and I have a truce.  I get one side of the loveseat and the other side is his.  If I go over the line he will attack my hand!  If he tries to come over on my side I threaten to squirt him with my handy water bottle.  He does like to be loved on in the morning time though - he sits on the bannister upstairs and meows at me until I pick him up and hold him - I do enjoy our lovey times because later in the day - watch out!

Hope you enjoy the pictures!

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