Thursday, April 02, 2015

April Goals

I think it's a great idea to actually put goals down in writing because it helps me actually accomplish them, but when I start going through the's a little intimidating!  It seems like I usually tend to think that I can potentially do a lot more than I actually can, and there is nothing sadder than a list that you can't cross everything off as completed.  That said, I do have a lot of things I want to get done and that has been my (unstated) theme this year.  Last year I worked on completeing all 12 of the UFO's I had stashed in my drawer.  I am still working on one, but got the rest finished - yay!  This year I am concentrating on at least getting the tops done for several projects that have been hanging around in the half completed stage for a while.

In January, I finished piecing Bonnie Hunter's Grand Illusion Mystery Quilt!  Technicially I just started this in November, but I thought it would be a win if I did not start off the year by creating yet another partially finished top, so decided to get this one done right off !   I also purchased a back for it, so technically I am ready to get this one finished when I have time to do the quilting, but I am pleased that I finished the top for now.

In February I finished my sampler quilt with the fun cat fabric:

I just got the backing for this one, too!  I was bad and had to pick this fun fabric for the backing...I think it is so funny :)  Those mischievous cats, look what they did!

In March I finished this beauty of a quilt top - and purchased the back for it as well.  It will go up next on the queue for quilting because I want to get it done!  I have the backing for it as well, but I have to finish quilting the ones I have pinned already so I can use them to get this basted.

Since I have been working with large quilts the last few months, I'm going a little smaller this month.  The top that I would like to get done for April is the Craftsy Block of the Month from 2012.  I think I made it up to the June lesson...English Paper piecing.  It's the handwork that gets me every time!  I just need to do it - it's not that I don't know how or am terrible at it, I just prefer to speed along with my sewing machine.  

I also am working on a custom quilt, so that should keep me busy as far as piecing goes, and I have lots of quilting to do as well, witness the three queen size tops that just got finished and are ready to go!  I will undoubtedly fill in with some smaller projects, and quick finishes as I go along, but I intend to stick to my goal of finishing those WIP's this year (Works In Progress).  Dear Jane, Joy, and Farmers wife will be getting done, and I want those all finished before September so I must be getting to those after taking the month of April a little easier!

Now it's time to get that walk in for the day and work on the next order for curtains - at least this set is a short length and shouldn't be too taxing to work on.  I am excited to get my day's worth of work done on them so I can get back to machine quiting my current shop sample - wait till you see what I am working on, so pretty!

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