Tuesday, February 10, 2015

What I Do on Stormy Days?

Sew my heart out of course!  I had a couple project I've been wanting to do, so I spent Monday working on them.  The first project was a cover for my serger.  It's been a real pain to get it in and out of the soft case I bought for it and I seem to be using it at least twice a week, so I decided that it needs to have a cover and stay out on my table.  I had seen a tutorial on the Sew4Home blog earlier, so looked it up and got started.  The first decision I had to make was fabric.  I had thought of using some of my Paris fabric stash, but at the last minute remembered the pretty blue and yellow toille I've been saving for something fun! Perfect!

After going through the instructions and measuring my machine I realized that I needed to make a few adjustments.  It still ended up being a little bigger than it really needs to be, but it isn't too bad!
I had almost 4 yards of that blue and white check piping made from another project - it was about 1 inch short of being enough to go all the way around the bottom, so I had to improvise!
I used a strip of the accent strip fabric to cover the last little bit!  It came out really nicely and as a bonus I didn't have to join my piping anywhere.  Here is the tutorial for the Serger Cover  if you would like to make one of your own!  I used fusible batting in mine and it came out great!

The second project I worked on was a laundry bag for my husband.  When we go on trips he always ends up using mine!  Now he has a nice blue one to match his bag.  No pictures of this one, it wasn't that exciting.

The third project was a quilted journal cover with a monogram on it.  Bright and fun, the perfect project for a rainy afternoon. It is now on it's way to Florida!

It'll be back to sewing a big order of Roman Blinds for the rest of the week, so I was really glad to have a play day in my sewing room!  What do you do when you have a day to play?

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