Friday, May 30, 2014

Time to re-cover my Ironing Board

If you sew a great deal you probably go through ironing board covers on a regular basis - I know I do!  I've given up on the boring silver ones and started using my own fabric and making them.  It's really not to hard, and this time I tried a different technique and am really happy with the results!

In order to cover your ironing board you will need two pieces of fabric large enough to cover the entire surface of your ironing board plus three inches all around.  You will also need about 3 yards of good sturdy elastic.  I have used 1/2 inch elastic in mine and have been able to reuse it several times.  Two layers of cotton batting the same size as your fabric.  Sewing machine, thread and an hour or so of your time.  Not bad!

If your old cover isn't in too bad of shape you can use it for a template, or just lay your ironing board upside down on the fabric on the floor to draw around it.  Then layer your two pieces of batting, back and front of your cover (right sides together):

Cut all layers out on your line.  Pin in several places all around and starting at the wide end, stitch a 1/2 inch seam, leaving a 4 or 5 inch gap for turning:

Trim away the extra batting in the seam to make more room for the elastic:
Then turn right side out and press around the edges.  Don't worry about the gap, we'll take care of that in a little bit!

Now sew all the way around the cover 1/2 inch from the finished edge.  This will be your casing for the elastic, so don't leave any gap in this stitching.  
Now comes the worst part part - pulling the elastic through the casing!  I used my drawstring threader to get this job done, you just have to be patient and work it all the way around that long casing.  Make sure you don't pull the end through - then you end up starting all over again.  (I stitch the elastic end that goes through the loop so it won't slip out of the loop as you pull it through...)

When you get the elastic pulled through, your cover will look like this mess - I sewed my ends together at this step because I was reusing the elastic from the previous cover and new it was the right size.  If you are making a new cover you won't be able to sew the elastic until you fit the cover on your board and pull up the elastic so it is tight.  So, here is where you would do that step if you need to.  Put your cove on your board and smooth and pull it into place, then tighten the elastic until it keeps the cover snug.  Pin it together, over lap about 1 inch and trim off the excess.  

Sew your elastic ends together, then trim off the extra batting in the opening and turn the edges in and top stitch.  It doesn't have to be pretty - it will be under your ironing board and no one will see it (wink, wink)
Now, put your new cover on your ironing board and enjoy!  Theoretically you can wash it, but I never do.  It is also reversible, so when one side is trashed you can use the other!  Double duty!
Check it out!  This one is made out of home dec fabric, so I hope it will last a bit longer.  In any case, it will make me very happy for however long it lasts.  Then I can make another one.   I've had a lovely day in my sewing room, doing some cleaning up and making it a happy place -  hope your day was lovely, too!

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teachpany said...

That really is cute and fun. I do need a new cover. Thanks for the directions.