Wednesday, March 12, 2014

WIP Wednesday....When will I get to quilt again?

Feeling rather pathetic and frustrated tonight.  I was really hoping after a hard week of sorting through all the stuffed animals, barbies (oh, the hair on these poor things), babies and all around junk that I would at least get a couple good quilting days in this week.  Unfortunately, the day after the garage sale I came down with a horrible sore throat and spent a couple days in the recliner doing nothing at sad.
I did the get the lacing done for the back of this wedding dress, and worked on another wedding gown today.  Best of all - look at my dining room table!  After going through a couple weeks of seeing it piled high with paperwork, then garage sale junk I am so excited to have a clear surface!  (Don't ask about the fish tank with a boom box and spray bottle - hopefully that will be gone soon!)

I did get a couple of my Farmer's Wife blocks done - so that was nice, but I am so much missing my quilting time.  I might get a little in tomorrow, but that will probably be all for the week unless I decide to bring a project with me when we go to watch the grandkids next week.  I'm seriously considering throwing one of my machines in the car along with the rest of the stuff we are bringing.  (Some of the previously mentioned stuffed animals and barbies, of course!)  Deciding which project is the hard part, there are so many that I'd like to work on.  Maybe I can make up some block kits to work on while I am gone, then I could just sneak in a few minutes here and there and not worry about having to keep the sharp objects out of reach.  Sounds like a good plan to me!

Hopefully everyone else is having a good sewing week - check out the links on the Quiltsy Blog and see what great things are getting accomplished....then come back next week and maybe I will have something, too!

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thebutterflyquilter said...

Yay for your success on seeing the table all cleared!!
Love the back of the dress!