Wednesday, February 12, 2014

WIPs Wednesday - Busy as a Bee!

I've been as busy as I can bee working on those WIPs this week!  Finished quite a few projects, and still have plenty to work on, as usual!  The best funny I saw this week was this - "I consider myself to be a beginning quilter....I am always beginning projects"  Hehe.  I think I resemble that remark!  I am trying to be a "finishing" quilter, though!
Here is another "beginning" project!  It's something special that a friend and I are cooking up.  Pretty florals and white on white fabrics.  Mostly stash!  It's really fun to see what you get when you combine from two sets of stash.  I think we'll be going to the design wall tomorrow and starting to sew it all together, so that will be fun.  My biggest project this week was rearranging my sewing room to make better use of my design wall.  I'm enjoying being able to put things up on it and arrange and rearrange.  

These WIP Wednesdays are a bit of a challenge for me because I work in the quilt shop on Wednesdays, so I suppose I should start getting my post ready on Tuesday when I have a little more brain power left!  Today was a super busy day at work as we have Quilt Run 101 going on.  All the coastal Oregon shops get together for a fun shop hop that usually ends on Presidents day.  This year we are extending it a few more days because of the snow that hampered the north part of the run last weekend.  I think most of the northern visitors hit our shop today because we were so busy!  It's always fun to have so many visitors from out of our area.  Everyone said such nice things about our shop, and they love the new samples we have been working on - I have quite a few up, as well as my patterns.  Right now my local shop is the only one I have my patterns in, but I am hoping to expand this year and get in more shops.  I still want to give my home shop the advantage, though - Sharan has been such an encouragement to me in expanding my capabilities!

Well I suppose that's it for today - time to relax and watch some mindless TV!  After a day on my feet it sure feels good to get off them.  Make sure you go check out the WIPs on Wednesday post on the Quiltsy Blog for more fun WIPS from some of my favorite quilters!

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thebutterflyquilter said...

Some day will return to Oregon and make a trip and stop in and see all the shops! Love the scrappy look that you are coming up with. Trying to use my stash also!!