Monday, February 10, 2014

When Life Gives You Scraps,,,

Make a Quilt!  Here is my finished little wall-hanging quilt:

I'd say it's pretty cute for just using up some scraps :)  Do you have this panel, too?  I might have some more hiding in one of my boxes - they were really popular way back when....

I tackled another project I had been shuffling around from flat surface to flat surface - you probably know the drill.  I had a charm pack and even some fabric for borders and the back and didn't want to hide it away and forget about it, so I just kept moving it around my sewing room until I would have time to sew it together!  So I started last night and finished the top this afternoon:

Isn't it nice and bright?  I have totally forgotten what line this is, but I love the colors!  This will make a fun lap or baby quilt, I think.  I feel very happy about finally sewing it up, and hope to get it quilted in the next few days - sneaking it in between my wedding dress alterations and a set of drapes I need to finish.  Quilting is always a nice reward for getting my other jobs finished!

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