Sunday, February 09, 2014

A Pleasant Distraction

I started out today intending to get the closet in my sewing room cleaned out.  I managed to pull most of the stuff out of the top shelf, but made the mistake of starting to go through a box of fabric I had set aside...uh-oh, that led to a little piecing and quilting!

I've always liked this panel, but never really could decide what to do with it.  Today, I thought of just adding a row of 2 inch squares all around.  I've been cutting them to use for a project, so I just had to dig for some nice colors.
I added some pale pink backing and a cotton batting, then quilted it all over in a small stipple.  Good practice time!  (This is a great way to get some machine quilting practice time in - just make a little project and quilt it all up'll see improvement in every project you do.)

I think my stitches look pretty good!  No stitch regulator, just me and my Juki :)  After I finished this I got busy and put everything away again - another couple  bags of stuff I don't need are ready to go out my door....things are getting more organized every day!  And this little cutie will be listed in my Etsy shop just as soon as I can get some good pictures of the finished quilt.

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Ann Symes said...

what a cute project! and I agree that these little pieces are perfect for practicing free motion quilting!