Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wednesday WIP

This week I've been working on several projects, but my favorite is the Twister Lap Quilt I started two weeks ago! The twister ruler is really kind of fun to use, but I was a bit challenged in how I wanted to finish my quilt off. I thought I would just sew borders on, but realized that it would look much nicer if I sewed the border to the edges of the blocks before using the ruler so that I could have complete twister blocks around the edges. Of couse, because I did this after I cut out the center I mistakenly figured my yardage for the already cut center and I actually needed to sew it to the outside edges of the uncut squares.

Luckily I bought an extra yard, but I discovered that I was a bit short. I was only about 7 inches short, and had noticed that the seams didn't show much in the busy fabric, so I pieced the last bit out of the left-over 3 1/2 inch strip I did have. It worked out marvelously and the border looks awesome. I pieced the back today, and hope to be able to get it quilted over the weekend. I've got lots of quilts lined up - can't wait to get busy and get them all done!
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FabricFascination said...

Your quilt looks great! Now you will have to make another one with the border the way you want it.

I've been wanting to try the twister tool. In fact I ordered them awhile back, but for some reason they never came in.

Tracy Evelyn said...

Can't wait to see the finished project!