Thursday, November 29, 2012

Lost and Found

This year I have taught two classes for the Beginners Sampler Quilt I designed.  This is the quilt I started as a demonstration for the first class.  At first I did a good job at keeping up with the class, but due to running short on the background fabric I ended up not finishing all the blocks.  Then I started teaching the second class and started a second quilt and things really got confusing!  I lost the center block as well as the remaining background fabric and despaired of ever finishing my quilt.

I had three blocks to finish from the paper piecing lesson, and two of these blocks from the templates lesson to finish.  The shortage of bakground fabric was the big issue as the fabric had been given to me and was purchased out of town. Yesterday while I was looking for a folder, I came across my little baggie of leftover pieces and my missing block!  I was able to finish up the paper piecing with the small pieces of background I had left, then was able to cut out enough pieces to finish these!  As you can see it was quite close and I ended up piecing two of the corners on the bottom block.  But now I'll be able to finish the top - Hurray!  (Well, first, I'll have to remove that one corner on the top block that ended up turned the wrong way.  How did I do that?)

Here are the first three rows sewn together with the sashing.  Wild, isn't it?  I absolutely love it, though I feel like I really should think it's hideous.  Definitely a throwback to my childhood, I think!

It's going to have an inner border of the same green in the cornerstones, then the final border is supposed to be that stripe.  I think I'll have to make sure it looks all right.  I'm kind of thinking the dotted fabric might work better.  Or maybe that wavy stripe.  I guess we'll have to see what looks best.  That's one of my favorite parts of quilting, how the quilt will end up dictating to you what it wants to be!  I really like how the stripe worked up in the blocks.  Especially those dresden plate - I think the stripe gives them a great effect.
Did I mention that this quilt was made totally out of stash?  Stash I acquired at half off the red-tag clearance price making it only $2.00 a yard!  Oh Yeah!

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