Monday, October 22, 2012

Rainy Days and Quilting

I just love fall - the trees are so pretty with leaves turning, the cooler nights, even the coming of the rainy days.  I find myself contendedly humming and working on quilts again - seems like it's been a long stretch of over-busy days.  It feels good to start sorting piles of fabric and working on some random projects! 
Since we moved the girl up to college it seems like I've been super busy - working extra hours at the quilt shop because of shows, taking care of our animals (ugh - we had a super bad flea infestation!), and a short, but very nice visit from my parents!  We even got to take them up to meet their great-grandsons and got the bonus news that we will have another grandchild in June - yay!  We stopped by to see our Dancer/College student and took a few quick pictures with her - love this you can see, it was a beautiful day.
The following weekend I had a booth at a craft show.  I did fairly well, and have decided to do one more this fall.  I am planning on making more buntings as those were popular, as well as more selvage bins.  The selvage bins I had didn't actually sell, but drew a lot of attention.  I think if I have a larger selection they might sell better.  I'm also working on a pattern for making these.  I took photos today, so just need to do the writing now - so hopefully can get that pattern finished up this week and to the testers!  (Drop me a comment if you would be interested in trying it out for me - you'd have to commit to getting it done quickly, though!)  
I sure like how they look hanging up on my wall!
I finished a table runner today and quilted a fun quilt I made with left-over fabrics from other projects.  I plan on binding that tomorrow, so I know I'll more progress to put up here - I'm charging the batteries on my camera and looking forward to sharing more.  I've missed blogging almost as much as I've missed quilting! 
Let's just say - hurray for fall, for quilting, and for blogging!

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