Friday, September 07, 2012

Some Meatballs and a Kitten

I suppose you are wondering what do those things have in common, and what might they have to do with quilting? The answer is that they don't!
My Hubby suggested meatballs for dinner.  The last ones I made were on the dry side, so I googled up the words BBQ Meatballs and the first recipe was by The Pioneer Woman so I figured it was worth a try, since she is so famous (at least in blogland!).   They were delicious - so if you want to make some go here.
The kitten was being cute with his mousie.   He brings it and expects us to throw it for him.  So cute.  He even growls while he carries it around.  He can be a bit of a pest, but it's a lot of fun having such a cute little guy around.
Still no quilting today, but hopefully tomorrow!  Thosse black, white and red fabrics are really calling out to me...

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