Friday, September 07, 2012

Some Meatballs and a Kitten

I suppose you are wondering what do those things have in common, and what might they have to do with quilting? The answer is that they don't!
My Hubby suggested meatballs for dinner.  The last ones I made were on the dry side, so I googled up the words BBQ Meatballs and the first recipe was by The Pioneer Woman so I figured it was worth a try, since she is so famous (at least in blogland!).   They were delicious - so if you want to make some go here.
The kitten was being cute with his mousie.   He brings it and expects us to throw it for him.  So cute.  He even growls while he carries it around.  He can be a bit of a pest, but it's a lot of fun having such a cute little guy around.
Still no quilting today, but hopefully tomorrow!  Thosse black, white and red fabrics are really calling out to me...

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Good Intentions

I had the best of intentions today - I wanted to get out some of my fall decorations and start putting them out.  I didn't exactly get that far, but I guess it's good that I am starting to think of it - I might actually get it done by the time it is really fall!  Instead I spent the day finishing up some alterations and doing some work around the house. 

I took in a wedding gown at the zipper, added pockets to three skirts, hemmed a dress and shortened the front on two of those popular sweaters that drape in the front.  I changed thread on my serger four times, used the rolled hem plate and the blindhem foot.  I used my seam ripper a lot, but only a couple times for something I stitched.  I only had to shut Scamper out of my room once, so I could pin a hem for a dress (good thing my customer likes kittens - he was really being a pest!).  And I even took a few minutes to clean up all the thread when I was done before I shut the door - pretty nice!

Now I am relaxing in front of the tv now with hubby and catching up on my blog reading before bed.  I've missed this so much over the summer.  It will be nice to spend quiet evenings at home for a change instead of running like a crazy person.  Well, except for Wednesday nights.  I'm teaching a beginners class for the next 11 weeks.  I have 7 students and I think we are going to have a fabulous time!  I like everyone already, this will be a very boisterous group, I think.  Should be interesting.....

Hopefully tomorrow I can do some quilting - I brought home a new shop- sample to make yesterday.  Black, red and white - can't wait to play with the fabric! 

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

MMM - Pie

We had a good labor day weekend - we traveled up to celebrate my youngest grandson's birthday (and his Papa's which is the same day!)  I worked hard all day saturday to finish a sewing job so I wouldn't have to worry about it over the weekend and we enjoyed our Sunday and Monday trip.  The boys are getting big so fast, next year Asher will be old enough to go to kindergarden!

Joellen, Tracy and I went to the big sale at Value Village on Monday - I found a new copper mold for my collection (haven't bought one in years!), a couple of books and a Nike windbreaker for walking.  Driving home we had to detour around a fire, luckily I saw the warning on Facebook before we got stuck waiting on the highway for a couple of hours.  See, facebook can be a good thing once in a while!

Today was a busy day, lots of work to be done plus some errands.  But I made time tonight to make this yummy pie: 

I haven't actually made a pie in years and am so happy it looks so yummy and smells....mmmm. Guess I'll have to do some extra walking to make up for it, though.

Saturday, September 01, 2012

The Next New Adventure

That's how we are trying to look at it.  Funny how earlier this spring we were talking about how fun it would be to experience the "Empty Nest".  And I know it will be - hubby and I are looking forward to having the house just to the two of us and enjoying his upcoming retirement.  But Thursday was a little harder than we admitted it was going to be.  We had to get up bright and early to get the girl to her destination and were all running on little sleep - there is always a lot to be done at the last minute.

She had to be primped and pretty "game ready" for her 10:00 meeting.  The Dance team only had a couple days to prepare for their first performance tonight - wish we could be there, but hopefully someone will video for us so we can see it later!  The ride up was filled with good music that her Daddy picked out and a surprise of a box of photos - pictures from when we brought her home from the hospital all the way up to now.  We laughed so much - this kid has always been a ham!  So many pictures of her with her eyes bugged out and her mouth wide open.  My favorite is one of her in a blond wig - so cute and funny.  It was good to see all those fun pictures, the memories they represent are precious to all of us.  Since she is the youngest and the last 7 years she has been our "only" child at home full time we have been able to enjoy doing a lot of things with her alone.  We miss having our large clan of girls around us all the time, but it's been sweet raising this last one, too.

Dropping her off was pretty anti-climatic.  The rushing around, trying to find the apartment we needed to drop her off at, then unloading her stuff into a new friends car seemed a bit surreal and not like "good-bye" at all.  I think it will be a little different when we come up in three weeks to move her into her dorm room.  Maybe a little less heart-wrenching and more of a fun time.  I can't wait to work on her quilt, buy her sheets and some fun stuff to make her room more homey.  I'm sure she will miss us, but I know we will miss her more!

I am looking forward to more quilting this month - there are some UFO's that need to get quilted and my boss at the quilt shop says we need some new samples - so I am looking forward to playing with some pretty new fabrics as well.

Happy Labor Day Weekend to all of you - enjoy this end of summer celebration and look forward to the cooler days and beautiful colors of fall!