Tuesday, September 04, 2012

MMM - Pie

We had a good labor day weekend - we traveled up to celebrate my youngest grandson's birthday (and his Papa's which is the same day!)  I worked hard all day saturday to finish a sewing job so I wouldn't have to worry about it over the weekend and we enjoyed our Sunday and Monday trip.  The boys are getting big so fast, next year Asher will be old enough to go to kindergarden!

Joellen, Tracy and I went to the big sale at Value Village on Monday - I found a new copper mold for my collection (haven't bought one in years!), a couple of books and a Nike windbreaker for walking.  Driving home we had to detour around a fire, luckily I saw the warning on Facebook before we got stuck waiting on the highway for a couple of hours.  See, facebook can be a good thing once in a while!

Today was a busy day, lots of work to be done plus some errands.  But I made time tonight to make this yummy pie: 

I haven't actually made a pie in years and am so happy it looks so yummy and smells....mmmm. Guess I'll have to do some extra walking to make up for it, though.

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Mom said...

I know you did't get your pie making ability from me, I hate making crusts!!!!!