Friday, August 03, 2012

Making Clothing from Scratch

Have you ever made clothing from a pattern?  I used to do it a lot more than I do now.  It just seems easier to go to the department store and buy a top or pants from the rack than it is to make them from scratch.  I just made what I thought would be a really cute top.  It's a peasant style top with ruffle sleeves, out of a cute fabric that looks like bandana fabric.  When I tried it on my daughter looked awe-struck.  Not in a good way.  "Why are those ruffles so big?" she asks.  Then she suggests that I could make clothes for Lady Gaga.  Nice.  I know my taste can be a little questionable at times, but when I looked in the mirror I had to say that I probably would not be wearing this much.  At least not out in public!

I think that's the biggest problem with making clothes from patterns is being able to not only match the proper fabric type with the requirements of the pattern, but being able to visualize what it will look on your body.  Not to mention choosing the right size, which is always waaayyy larger than the size you buy in the ready made department.  Sigh.  No one likes that at all!  Not to mention the amount of ease they add into the patterns is generally quite a bit more than I've ever seen anyone wear in real life.  Usually not entirely flattering.

I think I will probably make another top out of this pattern, but make the regular sleeve.  And maybe I'll look up Lady Gaga on twitter and see if she can use a red, white and blue top for her next music video.  Who knows, maybe she needs a seamstress?!

Which is why I like making quilts.  You don't have to worry about how it's going to fit, and there is always someone who absolutely loves it even if you don't!


Ruth said...

Amen Pam, I think that is exactly why I no longer make my own clothes, however I've recently bought fabric to make some simple elastic waist capri's to walk in, now to decide which pattern to try. will let you know the results when or if I get them made. ha

pchickki said...

Post a picture and let your viewers just might start a new fad Pamela :)