Monday, April 09, 2012

Spring Cleaning

Though it doesn't feel like spring yet here on the Oregon Coast I've been inspired by Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville to do a little sprucing up for the season.  After all, by the calendar it is spring, and after Easter, so it must be time to get out all the sunny spring household items, right?  But I am sticking with the flannel sheets for a while yet!  I finally am taking off my Christmas Quilt (I know, I know...I intend to make a proper winter quilt soon!) and replacing it with the sunny blue and yellow Round Robin Quilt.

This one was made from an internet swap.  It was a row by row swap, and we each included our own fabrics.  Each participant made a row of 8 inch blocks for each quilt in the same pattern.  My poor box got lost a couple of times, but eventually I got it back with all the lovely rows ready to sew together into a bright and cheery quilt!  Each row is signed by the maker.  My husband thought it was odd to have a quilt with peoples writing on it, but I like remembering all the people who worked on it.  I am no longer in touch with any of them, but it was really fun making the quilt and working on all the other ones that passed through.  I believe that somewhere I have a journal that traveled with it, I should see if I can find it!

This is the first queen size quilt I ever machine quilted, all the previous ones were done by hand.  I used my 1979 Kenmore and it was a super tight fit in those middle strips, but we made it!  All of the white is stippled down, with a bit of outlining, etc in the colored pieces.  The batting is Warm and Natural and I love the old fashioned feel and look of this quilt.  It gets softer and drapier every time I wash it!

It  measures around 88 x 92 inches, a bit small for my current pillow top mattress, but I still love it and enjoy having it on my bed for spring.  The label is getting a bit faded, but I can see that it was started in April of 2002.  It must have been finished before September of 2003 because I showed it at the Sea of Quilts show of that year. 

This is what's on my bed today !  Now I will go document it in my Quilt Album program so that I won't have to try to decipher that faded label again!

Make sure you go to Bonnie's Blog to see everyone else's quilts or to add what you have on your own bed! - What's On Your Bed?


Dora, the Quilter said...

Pamela, I love blue and yellow quilts because they just make me feel cheery--yours is lovely!

Quilter Kathy said...

What a lovely spring quilt to enjoy!

Sandra Kaye said...

Beautiful quilt!! Love all the different blocks!! Hugs

Brooke said...

Blue and yellow is one of my all time favorite combos. What a wonderful round robin outcome! Love the quilt in your header too! Don't know if you made it, but it sure is lovely! :-)

Anonymous said...

Great color combo! So bright and cheerful. Lovely quilt!