Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What's Shakin'?

Seems like a lot of shaking going on this week - earthquakes in Colorado and Virginia (where my parents and grandparents live!). Hope we don't get any shaking going on here - I've got enough going on without any natural disasters, thank you very much.

I'm working on some more fun projects - Beatles fabrics! I've got some pillowcases, journal covers and a messenger bag to sew. They're looking pretty cute so far, I'll share some pictures when I finish!

I had fun celebrating my birthday last week. Enjoyed a very special treat - authentic french Macarons! A dozen delightfully delicious treats were delivered to my door and savored bit by bit throughout the week. I am inspired to try to make some of these on my own, but they sound pretty tricky. Maybe when the weather is cooler. Right now it's pretty warm and humid for our area. My daughter says it's sad we complain about the heat when it's 70 degrees. That's ok. We'll take what we can get!

I decided that I want to do some creative challenges (totally on my own, no rules, no deadlines, no guilt!). I have a wonderful book that has a beautiful piece of art for each day of the year. So every day I want to create something inspired by the featured art. Today I did this little 6 1/2 inch block. It was inspired by the colors in the painting. I loved the rich reds and blues. I like how my block turned out. I don't think I'll make a block every day, but I think when I do make a block, it will be a 6" block so I can put them all together into a quilt eventually. Anyway, that's my idea for today. It could change next week, but for now, that's my idea. I'm not going to post every day on this, but will try to once in a while. I don't want to feel pressured about this, just want to have fun and do something to stretch myself. Right now I'm excited about it and can't wait for tomorrow to see what I am going to do!


rooee said...

Hubby felt the shaking in his office in Albany NY but I felt nothing up here on our mountain. Crazy stuff!
Hope you post pics of other blocks as they evolve, what a fun project.
Where on earth did the french macaroons come from? They look awesome, the colors are incredible!

Pamela said...

The Macarons were purchased from http://www.etsy.com/shop/nicoleleechocolates They were packaged up really nicely and were sooo delicious! Definitely a special gift!