Tuesday, August 16, 2011


A year ago today I was celebrating my special day here...

Wasn't that a birthday to remember? I was feeling a little wistful last week thinking about it, but then I realized what a blessing it was to get to go at all! I will never forget the wonderful time I had sharing this experience with my daughter - what a terrific way to spend a birthday - but isn't each day a precious gift? Should I be any less happy because I am in my own home? I think not!

And every day we have to spend with our loved ones here on this earth is a blessing, no matter what. Life brings trials and pain, but how we choose to live each moment is how we overcome those things. Yes, I have worries and troubles, but each day I want to laugh, and experience the peace that I have been given through trusting in the One who holds me in His Almighty hands.

My husband and I were laughing this morning. Guess what I got for my birthday this year? A new radiator for my car! Ah, yes, I could cry and pout that we had to do this, but I am happy for a car that will get me where I want to go - what a blessing not to have to walk up hill to the store for milk and bread! (yes, I really did cry a little when we found out that it needed to be done, but I got over it...)

Whatever is bugging you today, let it go - think of something to be thankful for and smile. Life is too short to be sad!


rooee said...

Happy Birthday Pamela! such an uplifting and thought provoking blog..thanks!

FlourishingPalms said...

I understand your gratitude, Pamela, and feel the same about my life. I have had the blessed, and unexpected opportunity to visit Australia, not once but four times while our daughter and her family lived in Sydney. I reflect on those trips and realize how fortunate I was. I knew it at the time, and I gratefully remember it now. It's good to know you're doing the same about your life experiences.