Thursday, June 16, 2011

Doing the Frog-Stitch

Oh yes, my seam ripper got a workout today! Totally not the fault of the pattern, though. It was definitely my own way of thinking which was wrong, and trying to make something harder than it really was. Do you ever do that? I didn't read the directions for the side panel right and first I folded it the wrong way, then I turned the ends in and wasn't supposed to. Both times I was assuming something that the pattern did not say to do, when I went back and read again it was perfectly clear what I should have done.
Do you know what that is? Rip-it, rip-it!

But the results were totally worth it, I really love the looks of this coupon caddy! I think it's going to be really handy, too. It closes with a nice magnetic snap. And it has tabs with all the categories already printed on them (thanks to a great free downloadable file by the author of the pattern for printing them up on fabric!).

It has eight pockets and is plenty roomy enough to hold a ton of coupons.
The pattern is by iSew at Etsy. It is called the Coupon Organizer. She has some other cute patterns, too, that it would be fun to make. If they are as good as this one, you will be thrilled!

Tomorrow I will be working on a couple of art caddys. I have everything cut and fused and ready to sew - should be able to stitch those together in no time at all!

I was a bad girl, though. Didn't work on the necktie quilt today. That means I have to do extra tomorrow because I am going to have that project finished by Monday. I mean it! So I better go to bed now!


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