Friday, June 17, 2011

The Art Caddy times 2

Finished up both of the Art Caddy's today! They came out very nicely - I have made this pattern before and that helped me to make good progress on making these. I think the pattern is very well written and though there are a lot of layers and details to the bags they are not too difficult to put together. I did make the bag a little taller and wider than the pattern, so had to figure out the measurements carefully so that everything would match up correctly.

I think the blue and gray in the bag made my pictures come out a little oddly colored. I guess it fools the camera into thinking the lighting is off or something! One of the fun things about this pattern is the use of grosgrain ribbon for the handles. You stitch two layers at the edges for the handles, they are nice and sturdy, and so quick to put together! These bags are very sturdy, the outer layers are interfaced, there is a layer of batting, then a layer of peltex fused in side. This is a bag that will hold it's shape with no problem!

Isn't the one in the bright fabrics cute? And the ribbon with the dots is so nice with it!

The Art Caddy Tote pattern is by Virginia Lindsay and can be purchased from her on Etsy - even if you aren't highly experienced you will be able to make this. The directions are super, and very encouraging, she tells you where you are likely to have problems and encourages you in every step - easy to read and understand throughout!

It's been a good week, I've met many goals and feel very encouraged that I am making progress in many areas! I am looking forward to more sewing over the weekend and tomorrow I will tell you more about the Folder Holders!


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