Friday, January 21, 2011

Waste Not Want Not

Inspired by all of the nice comments on the blocks I had made for this quilt, I decided to finish it up this weekend. After getting the top done I started looking for backing for it. To tell the truth, for some reason I automatically try to use just one piece for most of my backings, and if I don't have enough of what I want usually make a trip to a fabric store to purchase something that will work. I do look for a bargain fabric, but nonetheless often end up spending money on yet more fabric. Since this quilt started out being about using something I already had I went back to my stash and started pulling out fabrics that went with my top.

I found a nice long red print that was long enough, but not near wide enough. I added the small amount left after adding the borders - it was wide enough to make up the difference but only about half long enough. Then I found a piece of the same print in the blue as the red. This was not wide enough, but I cut and pieced it to make a strip that was wide enough, but still lacked a few inches in length. This was the perfect opportunity to add a strip of the fabric that I had used as the focus fabric when choosing my fabrics for the original top that the triangles came from. (The guitar print). I admit, it did take me a little time to get everything together and ready to use, but it wasn't that much time, and I got some odd pieces of fabric out of my stash and into a quilt!

The batting I used was a leftover piece from another project, and did not need to be pieced, but I have been known to piece batting when needed. (Good topic for a future post, right?) I layered it, basted it, then looked through all the thread I already own to find something to quilt with. I had a red, but it was too purpl-y. The blue worked great - so it was just a matter of doing the quilting, finding another piece of yardage for the binding (another red, seems like I end up with a lot of these reds and never use much of them!) So, this quilts used leftover triangles from another project, three pieces of yardage from my stash for the back, 1 piece for the binding and a piece of batting also from my stash! I would definitely call this a quilt that I made using the most of my resources and not being wasteful!

Frugally yours!



sewfunquilts said...

Looks great! And you saved some of your fabric money for something special! Yay!

pchickki said...

It is another fabulous creation Pamela.
And saved money too !!!