Saturday, January 22, 2011

5 Years of Blogging about Quilting!

I had a nagging thought this morning as I was going through my blog feeds, how long have I been blogging? I had to go check it out, and it's been 5 years this month! Wow - who would have guessed. Now I average less than a post a week, but still, that's a lot of writing about quilting and other details of my pretty normal life. It's pretty neat to look back at all those projects and things I've done over the last 5 years!

Today I taught a class on binding at Threads That Bind - I work part time here and teach classes occasionally. To tell you the truth I don't think I'm an awesome teacher, but I'm a pretty good encourager. I try to help my students make the best of their current abilities and give them tips and helps to do better. Even though I value accuracy and perfection in my own work, I have a hard time holding my students to that. I would rather they enjoy the process and finish their project than do everything perfectly. I always say, you won't notice from the back of a galloping horse, but if it bothers you, I will help you do it better! I also say practice, practice, practice a lot. Really repetition is the key to learning a lot of things. Like mitering binding corners. Once you've done 20 of them, you've got it down, but the first 12 or so might not look quite like you want. Anyway, I hope they learned a little something today and go on to do more on their own!

Now I am off to do some blanket stitching on a customer quilt. Only two more blocks and it's ready to go together. I am not too fond of machine applique, so I will be glad when I get this one finished and can go on to a more "fun" project! I have an original design that's ready for quilting and pattern writing, so I really want to get moving on that, and have another quilt to be quilted and finished. Always something, right?

I hope all your bindings have nice corners and your ends line up nicely!



pchickki said...

Your blog is so fun!
5 Years huh? need to have a give away!
Congratulations Pam!
Happy Blogging !

Pamela said...

Brilliant idea, Patti! I have some goodies that I want to clear out of my sewing room, so I will definitely do that very soon!