Friday, June 18, 2010

Free Day

Today was a nice day, it was a free day - just a day where I pretty much just puttered around and did what I felt like doing at the moment. It was really nice! I've been working hard to get things finished and was starting to feel like I was on some kind of a hamster wheel, which is not fun (at least for a non-hamster!). I still have a lot of projects to work on and goals to meet, but I feel a bit more relaxed and rested now.

I have a lot of quilting to do, more pattern writing, and of course the random alteration gig that helps keep us in groceries! And I am only two months from taking a very special trip - I finally turned in my Passport application this week - so that's one thing off my list!

I finished my pattern for this quilt and have it printed and ready for sale in my Etsy shop -

I will be teaching this quilt as a class this fall. It's super easy, and so pretty, plus you can make it with only 3 different fabrics. I see possibilities every time I go into a fabric shop - saw some lovely autumn fabrics this week to use with it.

Next on the list is the pattern for the sample I made using a Kona Bay Emporer's Collection panel. Not to mention some Christmas projects for the quilt shop. As usual I am a busy quilter! Ah, but it's better than being bored and hanging out in bars - that's a pretty common joke at the quilt shop for husbands that complain about visiting us! Most of them are pretty good about it, they know it's good to keep their ladies happy.
I am looking forward to my copy of EQ7 arriving next week - can't wait to see what improvements have been added - though I've barely learned 6 at this point. Am considering working on a block of the month, we'll have to see about that and if I can keep up with the commitment, or be perhaps be committed! Like I said earlier, too many ideas and projects in my head to ever do them all.
Had fun playing Bunco tonight, even won a prize of a set of lovely handmade cards - that's one hobby I don't think I'll ever take up, but I do love the nice things that can be made.
Time for sleep, and hopefully another good day tomorrow, think I'll actually do some quilting!

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