Friday, May 01, 2009


One of the reasons I started this blog was to document my quilting journey and have a way to keep up with the different quilts I have made. I am not much on keeping track of paper or photographs, so this seemed like a way that I could write about my creations and not have to search all over for my journal every time I wanted to add to it! I have fallen a bit (lot) behind lately, so I am going to try to catch up here and there. I finished this quilt in April as a shop sample. This is a smaller version of the Squares on Point quilt from the book Big Blocks, Big Quilts.

I really liked how the blocks floated on point and the way the backgrounds and blocks varied in their contrast with some blocks being light on dark, and some being dark on light. It was fun working with a layer cake and I was really surprised at how versatile they can be. There wasn't much fabric waste, which is important to me because at the cost of fabric now I don't like to have to throw away any at all!

The only problem I had with making this quilt at all was that the measurements for the setting triangles were incorrect. I informed the publisher of the error, but haven't checked back to see if they've posted a correction yet.

Because the name of the fabric line is Twiggy, it made me think of wind blowing through trees, so that inspired my quilting design. The border is a different line, but the colors were perfect for the border, and I had the perfect blue and green thread to match the colors of the fabrics. I found a great wood-grain fabric in the clearance section for the back, and used warm and natural for the batting.

So now I have found that not only do I love jelly rolls, but I love layer cakes, too. Is there no end to the pre-cut madness? Good thing we don't have the sweet rolls at our shop, but I have been eying some eye-catching log cabin quilts that would be great using the smaller strips. Well, that may be something I can buy using the gift certicate I won from the Fat Quarter Shop because I participated in the Blogger's Quilt Festival! How exciting - I am not known for my good luck, so this was a great surprise to me, and I have spent the last few days trying to decide what to get. I am absolutely in love with Patisserie, but there are some really good deals in the sale section, too! Decisions, decisions! My friend told me don't get the sale fabric, get what you really love because it's like a gift, but I can't decide what I want the most - yardage, pre-cuts? and what will I make with what I buy? Yikes, this is a hard choice, but I'm sure I will be thrilled with whatever it is I decide. When the goodies arrive, I'll show it all off - and the project I make!

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Giovanna said...

I really like this quilt, it's so earthy and beautiful. I like your quilting design on it also, subtle movement, just like you said, the wind through the trees. Beautiful. And I agree with your friend, don't buy the clearance/sale fabric, buy what you would really want. Don't skimp yourself.