Sunday, May 03, 2009

Audrey's Garden Quilt

This is the current shop sample that I just completed - I really think it's pretty! The instructions were so-so, they were a little complicated because the original pattern calls for more fabrics, and I just used a few. My blocks are all the same and the original pattern had three different colors of blocks. I thought the technique for making the tulip side sections of the blocks was great, though! I must remember this for future use! You start with a square in a square block and sew squares to it, cut apart, sew another square, and voila - a very slick technique for sure. Still need to label it, I've been trying to make sure to label them as I finish them so I remember the details. This quilt has Quilter's Dream Poly in it

I also worked on some new items for my Etsy Shop. I am almost out of checkbook covers, so plan to spend this week working on some of those. I made 4 checkbook covers and 2 wallets out of Arabella from P&B fabrics today. I had fun quilting it with viney swirls to match the design in the fabric. I was using orange on the back, but when my bobbin ran out just switched to the green I had used for the Audrey quilt. It looked really neat on the red backing! I did stick with the orange on the front, though. This was a fun quilting design to do and makes a nice overall design.
Here is one of the checkbook covers:

All in all a nice afternoon of sewing!

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Giovanna said...

I love the colors on the quilt, how pretty!