Thursday, May 28, 2009

Amy Butler-flies

Oh yes, since I came up with that ridiculous, but very apt pun I cannot escape it. This is the name of the quilt in my head now and forever, even though I have a feeling that Amy would not so much approve of my use of her name! My apologies, Amy, I hope you don't mind - I promise it will go no farther than this post!

I was asked to create a custom quilt using Amy Butler fabrics to make this old classic pieced butterfly block. I knew in a heartbeat that it would be an absolute knockout of a quilt before I even started it. My client said that she liked the lotus line, especially the reds and greens, so it was easy to choose the Cherry Wallflower pattern for the sashing and border. Especially because that fabric was available at Threads That Bind (where I work). I bought some fat quarters of the rest of the fabric available here, then had to turn to the internet to accumulate some more. I ended up with a great assortment of lovely fabrics and had a wonderful time making the blocks - thanks to EQ5!

Using the quilt program I was easily able to draft the block, then print up rotary cutting measurements and templates for the odd shaped pieces. They sewed together like a dream! I used Kona Snow for the background, it was the perfect almost white and goes with the Amy Butler fabrics perfectly.

For the back I chose a fabric by M'liss Rae Hawley that has red dot spirals. It doesn't match exactly, but it really looks perfect with the top of the quilt.

I quilted this in the same design I used for Papillon Jardin, and I think it looks great. I just used off white aurifil and it looks terrific. I love this picture, for some reason the light in it just makes me smile, I love my sewing room in the early morning!

Pictures absolutely do not do this quilt justice. The colors are so lively and happy and I can't get it to look as wonderful as it is in person. This is one that I really wish I could keep for myself - not that I need another quilt for my bed, but I have fallen in love with this one. My plan is to make myself a wall hanging with smaller blocks to keep for myself. I may publish this as a pattern, it's an old block, but it's awesome in modern fabrics, and is easily paper pieced.

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