Sunday, March 29, 2009

Another One Bites the Dust

Finished another project today!

This one is a pillow made for the Alchemy (or custom) section on Etsy. It is a pillow similar to one sold in a popular boutique store, but doesn't smell like kerosene like theirs does. We took a while to go back and forth with digital photos of fabric choices, but eventually settled on an assortment of fabrics and I was able to get going on the pillow. I think it turned out fabulous, and have a trial one I made that I am going to finish up and list as well.

The pieces are all hand cut one at a time and fuzed to the background. They are then stitched around with orange thread with a zigzag stitch. The finished pillow is really quite lovely and it is pretty fun to work with. I discovered as I did the first one that it was best to not fuse all the pieces down before stitching, but to do this in stages because the patches can work loose while you are turning the pillow top under the machine to go around all the curves.

It is finished with cording and an invisible zipper. It measures 22 inches across and I stuffed it with a 24 inch pillow form so it is nice and plump! Now I just need to get a box and take it to the post office! Yippee, another finished project!


froghair said...

that's awesome!

Zonnah said...

I love this pillow!