Saturday, March 28, 2009

Finally finished something!

Well, this is my second try at this post. I finished the first one, thought I posted it, but it is nowhere to be found now. So, if this ends up posting twice tonight, please forgive me, I have no clue what is going on! And I actually finished up two projects today, so I have a little more to add anyway.

Project number one that is done is what I like to call an "orphan" project. I found the completed blocks and outer border in a bin of stuff going to a yard sale. The quilt guild was allowed first dibs at the goodies, and I pulled out the blocks, and some other neat stuff, for a donation to the bell choir to purchase music. What a good cause, and what a great opportunity. The blocks didn't look like much by themselves, but when set together you get a great secondary pattern with the stars and the squares surrounding them.

I added a narrow pink border using some fabrics of a similar vintage from my stash, then finished it off with the floral border. I backed it with a beautiful rose print fabric, then quilted it in a simple meander using variegated thread. I had thought about doing a more complicated custom quilting on it, but since I intended it to go for sale in my Etsy shop decided to keep it simple so I could sell it at a lower price. I'm glad I did because the backing tended to drag on my machine bed and was a little difficult to deal with.

So here it is, click on the picture and it will take you to the listing on Etsy with more detailed description. I am happy it's done, even though I lost my binding fabric and had to use a different one. I need to get back to the plan of getting the binding ready when I do the top and storing them together. That worked out really well for me! I'm sure I looked at that pink fabric last month and said to myself "I've used that enough, let's pass it on to someone else" without even thinking about having saved it for the binding.

The second project of the day was finishing up a baby quilt for my daughter's friend. We made the top at Christmas when she was visiting, so I needed to get the quilt done to sent to it's new owner. The baby is due in a little over a month, so I don't have any more time to procrastinate this one. It will be off in the mail on Monday, I hope! Isn't it beautiful? It's for a baby boy, we loved the border fabric and picked the rest of the fabrics to go with that. She chose a nice fluffy bat, so it's a snuggly soft little quilt, and we hope it will become a favorite!

So much for keeping up with my Wednesday Projects! Well, we'll just call it spring break and start again on Wednesday. I don't want to keep from talking about my other projects just because I had a couple bad weeks, so I'm just going to pretend I planned it that way all along and carry on! Didn't want it to become a catch-up situation, so I think that will work the best for me! And this way I won't avoid blogging because I feel guilty about messing up. I hope to finish lots of projects and post a lot more over the next few months. I feel excited about getting some of the projects I have in my basket finished and making room for some new ones. I'm setting some goals for the quilts I want to get done for the fair and the quilt show this year, last year I didn't get anything entered and I don't want to repeat that this year.

Back to the sewing room, I am making myself tidy up each night before I quit so I don't have to spend valuable quilting time looking for stuff!

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