Sunday, January 11, 2009

Stripping away!

This is my drying rack being taken over with strips I have pressed and prepared for making my blocks for the Quiltsy Strip Scrap Swap. I have already made 9 blocks, and there seem to be no fewer strips than when I first started! Are they multiplying when I turn my back on them? Who knows?
I am having fun looking at all the strips, but there are one or two of them that I have picked up and thought to myself that I recognize the fabric, but have no recollection of making anything using it! Very interesting! Actually I suspect that those strips just may be runaways from the quilt shop. Often Sharan will hand me a handful of scraps and say "Can you use these?" Are you kidding? I can always use fabric. Or at least hoard it for a while! Who am I to say no to pretty fabric coming home with me? I have no will power when it comes to fabric. At least when it comes to new fabric. I am getting better at not taking home other peoples old fabric. At least the old, not so nice fabrics!
I've been wanting to move the furniture in my sewing room, but that may have to wait a bit, because I like having the rack in here at the moment to hold my strips and keep them from getting all wrinkled again. Maybe eventually I will have to install a permanent sort of rack to hold pieces like this. It sure makes it handy to use them! Maybe just a long curtain rod at a good height would work. Something to think about, anyway.

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