Thursday, May 08, 2008

Hide and Seek (or Lost and Found!)

I found my camera cable, so now I can add the pictures of the Let's Pretend Quilt I finished on Monday! It's amazing the things you can find if you start cleaning out drawers. I think I do too much of the "stash and dash" method of cleaning. It works in the short term and makes your room look cleaner, but eventually you end up with drawers, shelves, and bins overflowing with unrelated items, making it really hard to find anything when you need it. I decided to clean out one drawer, shelf, or bin a day until I can get everything more organized and accessable.
So - on to the quilt. This is a half size sample of a pattern we have at Threads That Bind. It's made with strips from a Jelly Roll, and a panel, with a little yardage for the sashing and border. It has a bias binding, which is super cute because it is tape measures. (Or rulers, as the case may be!)

Here is a nice shot of putting the binding on. For most quilts these days I do a binding that is machine stitched on the back and then turned to the front and topstitched. It finishes quickly, and looks great. Saves me a lot of time over hand stitching to the back of the quilt, and I feel that if the quilt is machine quilted there is not a problem with machine stitching the binding on as well.

This is the label, which I remembered to stitch into the binding. This is a great way of attaching a label as it eliminates the hand sewing on two sides of it (do you see a theme developing here?). This also works if you are hand stitching the binding to the back because you stitch the label to the back as you sew the binding to the front. This is a nice secure way of attaching your label as it would be quite a bit harder to remove in the case of a stolen quilt.

The finished quilt, and some of the details:

For the quilting I used C&C variegated yellow for the top and the back. I almost ran out of thread, so had to use something slightly different on part of the back, but you can't tell. From now on I will be buying the larger spools of thread! I can't tell you how many times I've had to go hunting for a little more thread to quilt the last corner of a quilt!! I'm very happy that my machine seems to like the C&C threads because they are fairly easy to come by most of the time.

Off to the sewing room with me now for the task of the day! Wonder what I will find in drawer number 2?

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