Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Fun Find of the Day

I found something fabulous yesterday while I was browsing in Bi-Mart. I've been thinking of making a client file for my alteration business so I can better keep track of things. I was looking at the envelope files, but thought they were a little expensive for being just a plain brown, nothing fancy organization tool. Then, I spotted this lovely sage green faux suede box with a lid! All ready for hanging folders to go in. For only $5.99! Add another $7.00 for the hanging folders and I am all set for only a little more cash than that ho-hum folder! As excited as I get about these things you would think I would be a lot more organized than I am. Now I just have to be faithful about keeping my files up. I have piles of stuff here and there that I'll be able to store away now, though!

I was so thrilled at this great find that I got it all set up, then decided where I wanted to keep it, which meant clearing out a spot with a pile of misc. stuff all sitting on a broken basket. So I started clearing out the basket and found, among other things, a shop sample that was not finished! I made myself finish putting all the other stuff away, then got busy this afternoon and made this cute little quilt. It is from the Take 5 Goes to Charm School Pattern using Look and Learn fabrics from American Jane. I quilted it with C&C Gumball variegated thread in a Meander Pattern. Then I used a bias binding with tape measures on it - such a cute finish!

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Anonymous said...

You made that in an afternoon?! Wow... it's beautiful. Love that filing system too. It will be a pleasure keeping stuff up to date I bet!