Tuesday, February 19, 2008

WITW - Week 5, A Sense of Personal Territory

Wow, this chapter really grabbed me by the nape of my neck and brought me to attention. I am guilty of ovecaretaking (and feeling angry and drained by it, but unable to say no). I am also too nice, which again drains and angers me, but I feel helpless to say no to the demands and requests. So it was very empowering to have explained to me what these things do to me and why I am a better artist, and a better person if I just an have the courage to take care of myself and do a little self nurturing. Now if I can actually take these thoughts and follow up on them. I can't wait to get into Chapter 6 and set some boundaries!

Morning pages - going quite well, have almost filled up another notebook. But my next notebook is college rule, not wide rule, so 3 pages will suddenly be more work. Maybe I need to go buy some more wide rule notebooks! I did miss a day last week because of our trip to Medford, and if I was thinking, I would have brought it with me and done it on the ride. Oh well, next time I will try that. One interesting thing I see coming up over and over is that I did not accomplish as much as I wanted to the day before. I think I am overloading myself, and stressing out by trying to do more than I can in a day's time. Either that or I am wasting time on things that aren't helping me to reach my goals. Food for thought.

Artist Date: I had the opportunity to take a long arm quilting class! It was really fun! I am going to rent the machine for a few hours next monday and quilt a blue and yellow star sampler quilt - we'll see what I can do. I was a little surprised to see that the very basic nature of my quilting is still very much the same on the long-arm machine as it is on my home machine. I really don't thing I can quilt any faster on it, my Juki seems to keep up just fine, but the huge advantage is no pins! Loved that aspect of it - it's been very frustrating in my home quilting to have to continually stop to remove pins. I don't really think I would want to own my own machine, but being able to rent one is fabulous. I don't think I'll ever abandon the table quilting I do, but this is another nice option to open up some different techniques and try out some things that are just a little harder to do on a home machine.

Weekly Walk: Absolutely fabulous! A wonderful sunny day, really lifted my spirits to get out into the sunshine for a while and just enjoy the beauty of the day. I can see buds starting to come out on the trees, and spring is just a few more weeks away. I know we still have rainy days coming up, but it's wonderful to have the sunshine for a few days!

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Marianne said...

That is indeed a fun artist date! I would love if I could rent time on a LA.
True thing about the willingness to do things and the resentment this can cause. But is better for both sides to be clearer on this and know your limits. If not we present the bill after and that is not nice either LOL.