Wednesday, February 13, 2008

WITW-Week 4,

I guess my life is just too adventurous for a check-in! I wish that I could say I went to Paris for the weekend, and visited museums and that's why it took me over a week to get this done, but no such luck. The truth is that I had a baby shower for my daughter and it took up a lot of my time for a couple of weeks! When I wasn't atually doing stuff for the shower I was thinking about doing stuff for the shower and it really shot holes in my book work!

So in order to get going on week 5 I need to do my week 4 check in, which really sucks!

Morning pages: Still done, except for the actual day of the shower and the following day which was a volleyball tournament, up early drive for three hours, sit on a hard bench for several more hours, drive three hours home. Should have brought my stuff with me. Could have done several chapters while we were watching other teams play! Still enjoying, gives me a sense of purpose to start my day, and helps me clean my mind out of junk. Also helps me get organized, but I need to tuck some extra paper in for lists to take with me - then I can actually get done the things I think about!

Walk - had a lovely walk last week, nice sunny day, I put my headphones on and toured the neighborhood. Loved it, and would love to make time for several more walks a week.

Artist Date - No good. Going to dollar tree for baby shower stuff was as close as it got. Oh well, we all have those kinds of weeks.

As far as all the other stuff goes in the chapter, didn't get much done, but I'm ready to move on and will get going on ch 5. Oh, I made a nice quilted pouch to hold my (unused!) sketch pad and a box of pencils. Does that count? It was fun and artistic.

I'm trying to think of a way to incorporate quilting into some of the exercises and maybe a small quilt a week that focuses on the theme of the chapter would be fun. I miss quilting. I've been working on lots of pillows for other people, and haven't had much time for doing the quilting that I'd love to do. Now that the baby shower is over I hope life settles down a bit and I can squeeze in some more fun sewing time!


Debbie Z. Lattuga said...

Yes, making a quilted pouch does count and congrats on the baby stuff. And I think everything in life has fits and starts. As long as you keep moving relatively forward... it's all good. Keep hanging in there.

Marianne said...

Sounds like a lot of work and fun those baby showers (we don't really have them, I think..., though I can see the advantage of getting stuff before the baby comes and not right after).
Do you have a picture of your quilted pouch (what a great idea).