Sunday, February 25, 2007

Sick Day

That's something we mom's really need to negotiate into our contracts! Just when you've got a pile of things to do, and a dirty house - that's when you get hit by a bug. Of course, I had a ton of quilting I was going to do yesterday, but it's a little hard to free-motion when you have the chills and ache all over. So I opted for a day of rest, hoping to speed my recovery from this nasty bug. I watched Princess Bride twice last night, took some cold medicine and was out for the count! I'm feeling a little woozy this morning, but it's probably just from the medicine. I hope to do a couple of hours of quilting this afternoon - we'll just have to see.

This is the project I am quilting. It's a horizontal layout of the Red Sky at Morning quilt. I made the first one using half square triangles, and had already sewn the leftover triangles into squares, so it was just a matter of arranging the blocks and sewing them into the second quilt. It was so much fun - I would love to do one in blues and greens for an oceanscape feeling. So I suppose I need to start cutting those charm squares from all of my fabric for that one! It's amazing how one quilt leads to another, to another....
I need to go on another quilting binge, the tops are starting to pile up again - I have been re-arranging furniture in my sewing room again, and am dying to try my new setup for machine quilting. I really need to move my shelving, though. I am seriously ready to move the twin bed out of my room, but don't know what to do with it at this point.
It seems that we are busting out at the seams in our house and really need to do some serious purging of stuff (of course none of the sewing stuff goes, that is all essential items!!). Even the garage is overstuffed. I am ready to just rent a dumpster and fling most of it. So much of it is just stuff that we don't want anymore, but can't bear to throw away, and can't find anyone else who wants it. Tomorrow I will definitely call about the dumpster, and also call the paper to put in a free ad for a few things. I've tried using our local freecycle group, but I haven't had much luck getting rid of stuff. I had a bunk bed this spring that I had put on freecycle twice, but ended up selling for $50.00 through an ad in the paper (and could have sold 3 more if I'd had them!) I guess it's one of the pitfalls of living in a smaller community!
I guess I'll get myself moving a little and see if I have the energy to accomplish anything today, at least it's Sunday, so I don't have anything else that I need to do!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Where Have I Been Lately?

I guess I have been busy lately to judge by my poor neglected blog! I have been sewing, working, had a lovely vacation, then back for more sewing and working. I have self-published my first pattern, Cupid's Arrow, and am currently working on pattern #2 - Floral Irish Chain. I've sold a bed quilt on Etsy that paid for my very own laptop (I am so excited about that!). I also have a couple of projects in the works that are special orders, and am having a wonderful time with that. Life is good, and God is good. He has really blessed my quilting work, and I am so thankful for that. I am enjoying being creative, and find it amazing how much my skills are appreciated by others!

I am getting Memories of the Titanic ready to enter in the Denver National show. I am also working on the pattern for that, but it's quite a bit more complicated than the first two. But I am enjoying the writing process and the creative learning that goes with making a nice looking finished project. I'm having a ball learning all the computer tricks - I know how to manipulate meta-files! I am also learning a lot about how to write instructions that people will understand and be able to follow to come up with a great finished project. Not as easy as it sounds, believe me.
I'm currently working on a shop sample with lots of fusible web, not my forte, but I am willing to learn! I really have a hard time with not having all my edges turned under, stitched and hidden - must have to do with my seamstress skills! It is a beauty, though, the finished product will be lovely. If I ever get done tracing all the bamboo stems and flowers! Which I am going to get back to right now!