Thursday, February 22, 2007

Where Have I Been Lately?

I guess I have been busy lately to judge by my poor neglected blog! I have been sewing, working, had a lovely vacation, then back for more sewing and working. I have self-published my first pattern, Cupid's Arrow, and am currently working on pattern #2 - Floral Irish Chain. I've sold a bed quilt on Etsy that paid for my very own laptop (I am so excited about that!). I also have a couple of projects in the works that are special orders, and am having a wonderful time with that. Life is good, and God is good. He has really blessed my quilting work, and I am so thankful for that. I am enjoying being creative, and find it amazing how much my skills are appreciated by others!

I am getting Memories of the Titanic ready to enter in the Denver National show. I am also working on the pattern for that, but it's quite a bit more complicated than the first two. But I am enjoying the writing process and the creative learning that goes with making a nice looking finished project. I'm having a ball learning all the computer tricks - I know how to manipulate meta-files! I am also learning a lot about how to write instructions that people will understand and be able to follow to come up with a great finished project. Not as easy as it sounds, believe me.
I'm currently working on a shop sample with lots of fusible web, not my forte, but I am willing to learn! I really have a hard time with not having all my edges turned under, stitched and hidden - must have to do with my seamstress skills! It is a beauty, though, the finished product will be lovely. If I ever get done tracing all the bamboo stems and flowers! Which I am going to get back to right now!

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