Monday, September 25, 2006

Quilting another UFO

I spent the afternoon yesterday getting another UFO ready to quilt. This one is Blackberry Brambles. It was made as a shop sample to showcase some new fabrics, and to provide a window display for Blackberry Festival. As I was sandwiching the top I realized that either I didn't piece it very well, or hanging as a top for so long didn't do it any good. It's not quite as flat as I like my quilts to be - it really seems as if the blocks are larger than the sashing strips so they bubble up.

I have smoothed it all down as well as I can, and we'll just see if that will quilt out or not. I plan to meander it with leaves - just want to get this one finished up, and they are pretty active blocks so I think an allover pattern will do just fine for this one. I have a lot of the fabric for the back so I may make a matching pillow or two. I think I may even have an extra block also.

I added another couple of UFOs to my drawer this month as some shop samples came home, so I think I am going to push to get some of them done as well. I have some very nice ones waiting to be quilted. I also need to get busy hand quilting the log cabin. This is a commissioned piece - a very nice man came into the shop looking for someone who can finish his late wife's half done project. It's all blues, and unfortunately, backed with a sheet which makes the quilting a bit harder, but it's a good TV watching project, and one way to rationalize my increased watching time! If I can get 3 blocks a day done, I'll be done in no time. Plus get my quilting finger in shape to do some more quilting on Memories. I am determined to get the additional quilting done on it by the end of the year so I can show it in 2007.
Butterfly Pond

I also worked on getting Butterfly Pond ready to ship next week. I had to re-do the sleeve. Honestly, I do know that a 4" sleeve is standard show size. I don't know what I was thinking when I cut the sleeve (and sewed it on), but I cut the sleeve 4.5 inches so it finished at 2 inches! And I actually remembered to sew it in the binding, so I had to un-sew the top edge of the binding, take off the narrow sleeve, but the wider one on and re sew the binding down.

While I was doing that I did one more run through to cut off stray threads, and found a few little tangles on the back to deal with. I just need to put another label on, and it will be ready to go. I'm on the lookout for a box that's just the right size, but I may just go to the UPS store and spend a little extra money to get a box that is new! I wish I could just send it now, but there is a very specific window of time for it to arrive in, so I have to time it just right. I know - always something, right! I'm off the the sewing machine - lots to do today.

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Kyoko said...

Hi Pamela,
I was reading your blog and watching some of pictures of your quilt. And I accidently found your quilt on Esty! Wow, as you introduced yourself, I believe you are an avid quilter!