Thursday, September 21, 2006

It IS a small world, after all!

While catching up on some blog reading this morning I found a post that really brought home to me what a small world this really is. While I know that Fran lives in Colorado, I had never thought about how close she is to the place I grew up, until I read her account of the severe storm that we encountered while on vacation. It's amazing to me to think that here we are - two people that have never met in our lives, yet we have walked in the same places, and have many things in common in our lives! I think that it's amazing that we could sit down to a cup of tea, and have a very fun afternoon chatting and getting to know each other - but we've never even met! Anyway, it was quite a storm and this is one of the trees that blew down in Mineral Palace park, Pueblo, CO.

Plan for the day - quilting at my house this afternoon. Don't know who will show up this week, but I need to clean up my dining room before they arrive! I am working on a shop sample today. One the the best perks of my job, making shop samples. It does keep me awash in UFO's and scraps, though! Good practice for machine quilting, though, and Butterfly Pond started out as a shop sample. I did most of the cutting last night, just have to mark half square triangles and sew them. It'll be a pretty quilt soft greens, pinks, and yellow roses. The sample I finished last night was candy colored pinks and greens. Who knows what the next one will be! If I get this one pieced today, I have some rows for the row by row to finish up. Always something, but I really need to get some of this done and off of my to do list.

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