Friday, May 05, 2006

Lost Again!

Who would have ever guessed that somehow I have two blogger accounts? I thought somehow that my blog had been erased, but I was trying to log in with the wrong account all along! Leave it to me to get lost on the internet! Now that I have it figured out I'll have to see if I can delete the other account. The really dumb thing is that both accounts had the same password - no wonder I was so confused!

I have been sewing and sewing lately, but not too much of the fun quilting stuff. I have made 10 cafe curtains out of muslin, with pinch pleats. Pretty boring, but it's an income, right?

I am also working on machine quilting a quilt for a lady from church. It's very pretty, but tedious work. I have the center done now, and the border left to do. I sure hope all the marking washes out all right, because it's really a pretty quilt. And I'm not doing a bad job at all with the quilting if I do say so myself. I like spreading it out after each session of quilting and see what it's looking like! The feathers are tons of fun, and the lines are really tedious with all the starts and sto-ps. I'm telling myself that the worst is over and I'm on the downhill side of the slope now! We'll see! I want to finish that next week, I think an hour of quilting a night ought to do the trick. I'll charge a bit more if I ever do one of these again, there were a lot more hours in it than I thought there would be when I took on this project. I couldn't resist, though, it really is a lovely quilt.

I have also been working on some piecing with random squares for another client. There is quite a bit to do, but I'm on a really good roll now and should have it done by the end of next week, also. I seem to have a lot of work in progress at the moment, I'll be glad when I get to the end of some of these jobs!!

I'm taking it easy today, catching up on some odds and ends and maybe reorganizing the sewing room a bit. I found a really good deal on a table last week, so it's really a jumble right now. But I do like my new table, I don't have to keep switchcng my machines around now, I can have both set up at once and sew away till I drop!

Happy Cinco de Mayo!!

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