Wednesday, April 12, 2006

9 to 5 (actually 10 to 6)

I really don't know how any woman can work full time and still keep up with house, family, bills... I worked two 8 hours days so far this week and I am wiped out! I need a day to recuperate already! Hats off to all you ladies who can do it all and still stay sane and healthy!!!

I finished a couple of big sewing jobs this weekend, so am feeling much less stressed. I have some pants to alter today, and some skirts to get started hemming. Then I can get around to the quilting stuff, guilt free. I pieced the back to the blue and yellow quilt, just need to get it basted - that's my goal for Friday. I'll bring it to work with me, and when it's quiet I can do that. One of the perks to working in a quilt shop! The really bad thing is I am working from my stash in April and yesterday we got in some absolutely wonderful florals. I am consoling myself with the thought that they will not be all gone by the end of the month and I can have some in May!

I have volunteered to be on the Committee for the 2007 raffle quilt for Sand N Sea. A group of us are getting together today to start throwing some ideas out there. It's a group of the old guard from the guild, so it should be fun. I had been contemplating heading up the committee, but someone else beat me to it which is great, because I have trouble heading up much of anything! I'm a much better worker bee than a queen bee (I was going to say something else, but decided it was possibly offensive!) So, this way I can have the fun of being part of it, but not have to be responsible. Ooh, maybe I can suggest that we use those new florals! Then I can play with them, but not have to actually buy them! And the romantic look is so in right now - this could be a really good plan (or plot as the case may be).

Stay tuned for further developments!!!

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